About Me

This is what I do.

Hello, I’m Kiran Scaria. I’ve journeyed through the ever-evolving landscape of AI, leading me to my current role as a Technical Lead at Raga AI. My fascination with AI remains as strong as ever, driving me to explore the depths of machine learning, neural networks, and beyond. Some of my recent projects include:

  • Raga LLM Hub: An open source library for evaluation of LLM Pipelines.

The marvel of technology continues to inspire me daily. It’s a beacon of hope, a source of joy, and a bridge to unimaginable possibilities. As I’ve navigated through the realms of innovation and leadership, my belief in the magic of technology has only deepened. My role allows me to not just witness but actively shape the future, turning what was once deemed magical into reality.

In my quest for knowledge, I’ve realized that the true magic of technology lies not just in its capabilities but in its power to connect, transform, and uplift lives. My goal as a Technical Lead is not only to innovate but to mentor, guiding bright minds to discover their own magical abilities within the vast universe of AI.

Outside the digital world, my passion for photography continues to be a source of joy and exploration. Capturing moments, landscapes, and emotions through the lens offers me a different kind of magic – one that’s tangible and timeless. I invite you to view the world through my eyes at my photo blog.

I am always eager to connect with fellow enthusiasts, whether it’s about AI, technology, photography, or the myriad mysteries of life. If you’re interested in sharing ideas or just having a stimulating conversation, reach out through the social links below.

Let’s make our world magical, together!